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Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush

Short hair is easy to wash, dry and style. But for times when you want a sleek, voluminous hairstyle to dazzle everyone at a special event, the Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush gives you a professional salon hairstyle in a matter of minutes.

Even better, it provides you with two different kinds of hot air brushes, depending on your hair styling needs--the Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush with retractable bristle and the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Air Brush.

Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush with Retractable Bristle

Combining the hair-drying ability of a portable hairdryer with the complimentary assistance of a radial brush for precise styling, this hot air brush is especially designed to create as much volume as you want while smoothing frizzy or curly medium length to short hair. Bristles are specifically formed to prevent hair tangling as well, a problem that many people experience when using other brands of hot air brushes.

Unlike other hot air brushes that are bulky and permanently constructed, the retractable bristles of this hot air brush allow for easy packing into compact holiday bags or in smaller handbags. Additionally, you don't have to worry about burning your fingers with its heat resistant cool tip and slim, contoured handle. When designers constructed the Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush , they designed it with YOU in mind and provided the safest and most effective hot air brush to Australian consumers as well as others across the globe.

Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Air Brush

This Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush features a nonstick barrel made from heat-conductive ceramic that greatly minimizes hair breakage and promotes your hair's natural shine and lustre. Ceramic is the number one material used by professionals when applying heat to hair for styling purposes because of its ability to distribute heat evenly and to effectively regulate temperature control.

With three heat settings, two speeds and a 32 mm hot tube, fully ceramic barrel, this Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush provides 1000 watts of heat that will easily transform the dullest and limpest of hair into hair that looks like you spent hours styling. Here’s how it works: the type of heat generated by ceramic is called "far infrared heat" , a specially formed warmth that dries hair from the inside out rather than heating the outside of hair strands and causing damage. As a result, you’ll have hair that remains free of frizz and full of natural shine!

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