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Protect the skin from photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation with our broad spectrum sunscreen protection moisturisers. Professional strength products formulated to hydr8 the four main skin types. Hydrating range from combination to mature skin types, fantastic addition to your AM / PM regimes.

Protect the skin from photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation with Medik8's broad spectrum moisturisers. At night use the Vitamin A and glycolic acid versions to build collagen and exfoliate.

Regardless of age and skin type, basic anti-ageing skincare begins with establishing high quality hydration and sun protection for the skin. Adequate levels of hydration in the skin result in a plumper, smoother appearance. Well hydrated skin has been shown to age at a much slower rate that dehydrated skin.

Medik8 day hydrators contain a variety of sunscreens and the unique Pre-SPF® complex for true, broad spectrum sun protection. This combination is proven to protect the skin from moisture loss, photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation. Regular use of Hydr8 helps to decrease potential lines by accumulating moisture at the base of wrinkles and thus expanding the volume of the skin cells, which in turn leads to smoother and more elastic skin.

Hydrate your skin with Medik8 Hydr8 Oil Free Moisturiser

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