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Moroccanoil has a passion for empowering beauty and transformation. It has used this passion to revolutionise the hair care industry for years delivering a range of products that address every condition your hair may encounter. From restorative shampoos and conditioners to scalp treatment and their extraordinary glimmer shine formula, Moroccanoil has a complete line of products that will strengthen and improve your hair with every use.

The Moroccanoil story didn’t begin in a laboratory, it came from co-founder Carmen Tal’s own experience. After a terrible hair coloring service during a trip to the Mediterranean, Carmen’s friend took her to a salon that treated her hair with a product that instantly restored its lustre, smoothness, and manageability. She decided to share her discovery with the world and created a revolutionary line of styling, finishing and conditioning products for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair will look and feel healthier and shinier after just one application.

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