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Parlux Hair Dryer

Parlux hair dryers on sale now!

Parlux Hair Dryers have won multiple awards for their high quality and amazingly fast hair drying ability so why not buy Parlux online today. This award winning Parlux has featured in Lucky Magazine, Elle, InStyle, Allure and Vogue.

Parlux Hair Dryer Information:

For a hairdryer that is right for you, choose from the salon preferred brand Parlux. Professional quality hair dryers can mimic that fabulous salon style, at home. The technology in Parlux hairdryers leads the way in hair appliances. The Parlux hairdryer emits negative ions, which reduce static electricity and stress on the hair which means healthier hair for you. With the use of the Parlux ceramic ionic hair dryer the water molecules on the hair are broken down into micro-molecules, which allows the hair to be dried up to 40% faster than less comparable types of hair dryers. By breaking down the water into micro-molecules the moisture can then easily penetrate the hair shaft, as a result of this process hair is rehydrated, reconditioned and soft and shiny.

Ceramic refers to hairdryers that contain a ceramic coil, which work to heat more evenly and effectively than the traditional heating element in hair dryers. The combined effect of ceramic and negative ions radiates heat inside the hair shaft without damaging the hair. A Parlux dryer combines powerful airflow to reduce drying time and minimise heat damage to your hair allowing you to get the best salon results at home with the hairdryer that is used by leading professionals around the world.

The latest and greatest Parlux model - the 385 is the lightest, quietest and most powerful Parlux yet. Weighing less than 500g and 2150 watts of power - this little baby means business. Shop the great range of colours at the lowest price now!

Parlux hair dryer reviews

"I love my Parlux 3500, and don’t go anywhere without it. It doesn’t compare to all of my old ones, that were not ceramic and ionic. It instantly blasts out hot, powerful air that dries my hair in half the time that it used to take. If you are not sure which hairdryer to go for, I really would recommend you buy Parlux. They are worth every cent."Kathryn – Sydney

"What an amazing difference my new Parlux 3200 Ceramic and Ionic is making to my hair. I did quite a lot of research before deciding what dryer to go for, and all the info that I was able to read up on always brought be back to the Parlux dryer. RY stocks the Ceramic and Ionic models, and there is nothing better than cheap Parlux."Rachael – Canberra

"I bought a Parlux 3500 Red from RY earlier this year, originally for my wife as a gift. She loved it and so do it, it’s so powerful. I have very coarse thick hair and because it takes so long to dry in winter I like to use a hair dryer. The Parlux dryer nearly blew my arm off it was so much more powerful than her old ones." Peter – Cairns 

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Our Guarantee

1. Buy Parlux online with RY and receive a 100% Money Back Guarantee that your product is genuine
2. Parlux Australia - we guarantee we sell Australian stock only
3. Discount Parlux - buying from RY means you are backed by a 100% Price Match Guarantee, so rest assured you are getting the best price on your Parlux purchase
4. Parlux Reviews & Customer Service - We provide you with real advice from other customers and also provide expert knowledge from our hair dressers via email or phone.

Save up to 30% on professional hair dryers from Parlux online

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