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The Little Alchemist is a pure, natural, Australian range of anti ageing skincare. Explore this unique range of products that combine The Little Alchemist passion for natural, healthy ingredients with a luxurious artisan quality. Created by hand in small batches, these are the finest, organic & natural ingredients combined with cosmeceutical bio actives. The 100% fresh, pure & concentrated solutions nourish, protect and feed your skin with vital nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. The Little Alchemist source rare, precious aromatics and essences from around the world to create natural perfumes and body butters. Each perfume is hand blended & poured.

The Little Alchemist mission is to bring the spa experience home, creating a decadent daily ritual that your skin looks forward to. Concentration is the key with these products, a high amount of active anti-ageing ingredients combined with nourishing plant emollients & organic botanicals produces real results. Containing no parabens, added fillers, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and artificial preservatives and accredited cruelty free - The Little Alchemist are committed to being environmentally sustainable so you can be too!

Shop: Papaya, Geranium and Lime Cleansing Milk - the next generation of gentle, nourishing cleansers this is a smooth & luscious cream specifically formulated to calm and protect. Use daily for silky smooth skin that glows.

OR: Pineapple & Zeolite Micro Polish - Invigorating & gentle face polish to restore radiance & vitality to lackluster skin. Use daily to remove impurities from skin for the smoothest, softest and most radiant skin.

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