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This lovely range from Vitaman will eliminate all your shaving woes including dryness, nicks and cuts, redness and irritation while allowing the closest shave ever. Whether you prefer an oil, a creme, or gel, there is something to suit you and your skin type.

For dry skin try: Shave Creme with Hydrating Grass Lily. Containing: Grass Lily to promote rapid healing of the skin while hydrating, moisturising and relieving skin irritations. Grass Lily is also used to heal burns, cuts and abrasions. Aniseed Myrtle to help lift the hair follicle preparing the skin for a smoother shave. Aloe Vera Gel for its unique nourishing properties including minor wound, burn and rash healing and as an excellent moisturiser and emollient. And also Vitamin E - anti-oxidant superhero that protects skin cells from environmental damage.

For sensitive skin try: After Shave Balm with Organic Aloe Vera & Calming Chamomile. This 5-in-1 super shave balm soothes & calms, helps heal and repair, is an antibacterial & antiseptic, reduces irritation & redness and instantly cools.

Take your shaving game to the next level with Vitaman Shaving Products.

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