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BUYING GUIDE: How to Use Strip Wax

There’s a reason many estheticians and DIY waxers prefer strip wax for removing body hair: It’s fast to apply and so easy to remove it can be used by beginners as well as professionals.  
Strip wax  -- layered with a non-woven waxing strip  --  is spread over the treatment area in the direction of the hair growth, and removed by pulling the strip away from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 
Whether you have extra fine to medium-texture hair or normal to sensitive skin, strip wax is a good choice for hair removal on your legs, arms, chest, and back. Many professionals use strip wax on the face and bikini area as well; you can too, just look for products designed for sensitive skin. Get ready to bare all!


Time Required: 45 minutes to 1 hour

You’ll Need:


Step 1: Cleanse Skin.

Completely remove all cosmetics and lotions using soap or astringent. Rinse thoroughly.
Using a wax heater or microwave, heat the wax as directed. Don’t overheat. Ensure that you have a stack of non-woven waxing strips at hand. Using your scissors, trim the strips to a smaller size if you’ll be removing hair from your face or bikini area.


Step 2: Prep skin.

Lightly dust powder on the treatment area to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin. 
Hair should be ¼ to ½" long. Trim hairs if necessary to minimise waxing discomfort.


Step 3:Apply Wax

Most wax products are made with a variety of essential oils so you can make a selection based on hair type, waxing area, smell, and skin benefits. Once you’ve found the right product, grab your applicator and spread a thin layer of wax – about 1 ml – in the direction of hair growth. Before the wax begins to cool, firmly press a non-woven waxing strip onto the wax and use your fingers to smooth it down, always stroking in the direction of the hair growth.


Step 4: Remove Wax

Wait a few moments until the wax has cooled before you attempt to remove the strip. If you start to pull the strip away and it lifts easily, press it back into place and continue to wait for the wax to cool. When it’s ready, quickly pull the strip away from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth, holding the surrounding skin taut with your free hand.


Step 5: Clean Up

When you’re done waxing, remove stray hairs with your tweezers. Clean up any leftover wax with the wax remover. Don’t use bar soap or astringent to try and remove wax. To soothe inflamed skin, apply the soothing after-wax lotion. Stay away from direct heat, including sunlight, sweat and tanning beds for 24 hours. To maintain a smooth finish, you should plan on waxing every two to six weeks depending on the treatment area and your hair type.