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BUYING GUIDE: Which Wax Where?

Strip wax or hard wax; that is the question. Hairy arms and legs? There’s a wax for that. Yikes, unsightly facial hair! Yep, there’s a special wax for that too. What about waxing the sensitive bikini zone? You guessed it, there’s a wax for that.
Suspicious? Don’t be. Choosing the right wax for your hair - or body part - will ensure that your DIY waxing treatment is as painless and easy as taking a trip to the spa. The trick is, knowing which wax goes where and for what...


Strip Wax

Applied with applicators in a thin layer and removed with strips of cloth. Strip wax should not be confused with “wax strips,” which are pre-waxed, pre-cut strips packaged for convenience. Best for touch-up waxing treatments while on-the-go, wax strips are available for face, body and sensitive skin.
Strip wax is best for use on legs, chest, arms and back, but can be used on your face and in delicate areas. This wax adheres to the skin and surrounding hair, making it a great choice for fine, medium and extra fine hair. Choose strip wax for fast and easy application and removal.


Hard Wax/Hot Wax

Applied with applicators in a thick layer and removed by pulling the hardened wax away from the skin.
Also referred to as hot wax, hard wax sticks to the hair not the skin, which makes it a great choice for coarse hair, sensitive skin and delicate areas. If you’re prone to redness and ingrown hairs, hard wax – especially those brands containing titanium dioxide, a healing mineral – is best for you.
Best for thick, coarse hair in delicate areas; Hard wax can be used on legs, chest, arms, and back but application and removal is slower and slightly more difficult than strip wax.
Choose hard wax for your face and bikini area; also good as a total body wax for people with coarse, thick hair and sensitive skin.

Strip Wax Bottom Line:

Hot Wax Bottom Line:

  • Removed with cloth strips
  • Used on legs, arms, chest, back
  • Good for fine, medium, and extra fine hair
  • Heated in microwave or wax warmer
  • Applied in thin layer with applicators
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Removed by pulling the wax off skin
  • Used on bikini area and facial hair
  • Good for coarse, thick hair
  • Heated in microwave or wax warmer
  • Applied in thick layer with applicators
  • Best for sensitive skin


Which Wax Where?