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From the best-selling DECIEM umbrella comes hif, the latest in restorative, colour protective haircare. hif stands for ‘Hair is Fabric’, and operates with this central belief in mind. After all, according to DECIEM, if you wouldn’t put couture clothing in the wash, why give hair the same treatment? By treating your strands as professionals would, even when at home, you can ensure the integrity, health and overall look and feel of your hair stays tip-top. 

Within the hif range there is a tailored solution for practically every hair type and concern. From traditional concepts such as hydrating and smoothing conditioners, to anti-ageing and detox conditioners, there’s something for everyone. Take note that we’re only calling out hif’s conditioning products--that’s because they make up the entirety of the range! This is one-step haircare at its very best, giving you access to professional results in very little time. Simply hop into the shower, work into wet hair and leave in for around 3 minutes while you go about your business. Rinse out and you’re good to go--no shampooing or fancy-schmancy extras required! 

Despite simplifying your routine, though, this cleansing conditioner concept fuses together quite a few (somewhat complicated) processes. All confusing science aside, the combination of ingredients have been designed to clean, nourish and protect hair all at once. With different extracts and botanicals unique to each formula, including diamond-derived prisms, low molecular HAs and tomato enzymes, you’re truly getting the best of the best with hif. 

Try Growth Support if you’re trying to spur on longer, healthier locks. This ultra-foamy product uses pea peptides to nudge growth at a quicker rate than usual. Looking to maintain the perfect blonde from home? Blonde Hue Support, formulated with refractive diamond-derived prisms, will upkeep your desired shade between visits with total ease. No matter your hair concern, there’s definitely a hif product suited to your daily needs. 

Shop the hif range by DECIEM today with RY and shake up your haircare routine! We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $99, plus Afterpay is now available so you can buy now and pay later.

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