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les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL

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Find a skincare routine that feels good and soothes the mind with its unique olfactory rituals. les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL cares for all skin everywhere with their range of serums. Feel positive in your skin, and leave it glowing for all the delicate moments life has to bring.

les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL has something for every skin type, ideal for sensitive skin and highly-effective as an anti-ageing beauty range. Whether you're battling wrinkles or an oily T-zone, there is something for you.

Achieve flawless skin with the concentrated goodness in every bottle. These lightweight oils infuse your looks with a natural radiance, replenishing the high levels of moisture your skin needs to stay hydrated. With most products only requiring only 3-5 drops per application, your complexion will be clear and glowing in no time.

Made in France, this vegan range of products promises you the very best in skincare. Using 100% organic ingredients for their natural cosmetics, les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL is the eco-conscious brand that treats the planet as well as your skin. With no palm oil or toxic ingredients, they test every product on people to ensure they offer the very best. More than just a people-based approach, they dermatologically and ophthalmologically test their range.

Repair damaged skin with their oils and balms. Show yourself some love and care by understanding what your body needs and define your beauty regime.

Be inspired by the specialist ingredients chosen for les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL. Each product uses unrefined, cold-pressed, and unprocessed essential oils. These ingredients are rich in unsaponifiable and unsaturated fatty acids, benefiting your naturally beautiful appearance. These naturally effective ingredients ensure exceptional results.

Each balm soothes the skin and nourishes the mind. Suitable for both men and women, introduce emotion into your beauty ritual with les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL.

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