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Adopting the Nordic Lagom concept which translates as ‘just the right amount’, Making a Pragmatic Remedy, or make p:rem, is a high-performing Korean skincare brand that uses uncomplicated processes and key ingredients to optimise skin health. From its minimalistic and photogenic aesthetic to its safe and skin-friendly ingredient list, make p:rem follows a simple philosophy: to produce effective, multifunctional skincare products that simplify your skincare routine. Make p:rem promises a skincare routine with very few and simple steps by using extremely mild ingredients that are suitable for every skin type.

Make p:rem’s natural skincare ingredients such as Finnish birch sap, Arctic raspberry extract, and peat water from Denmark are completely calming, making them perfect to relieve dryness and irritation for those with a sensitive skin type. Counting on Micro Trans Moisture Technology, make p:rem ensures all skincare products deliver the carefully extracted natural ingredients into the skin. All of the make p:rem collection – from the make p:rem moisturiser to the make p:rem sun-cream – is a mega-hit for people struggling with skin that is reactive to chemicals or prone to irritation.

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