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The Miracle Oil That Soothes and Calms

Reap the amazing benefits of magnesium oil with this unique, potent formulation from Salt Lab. Born out of founder Clementine's ongoing health issues, Salt Lab Magnesium Oil is created with magnesium chloride flakes from the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Clementine struggled to find a quick, easy magnesium solution after being prescribed it by her health professional, instead being faced with pills and powders that sparked nothing but confusion. A few months later, Salt Lab was created!

So, what exactly are the benefits of magnesium-based products? When absorbed by the blood stream, it works to loosen up muscles, provide pain relief to sore joints, aid sleep and more. Magnesium in an oil form has been found to provide a more effective, absorbent delivery system, meaning that it reaches your muscles quicker. When taken in capsule or tablet form, the magnesium can be easily lost or eliminated, reducing its potency and proving less effective. If you're always on the go, at the gym or competing in sports, the Salt Lab Magnesium Oil could be the answer to those aching muscles and joints. Magnesium is also a necessary component in ATP production, ATP being a major form of energy in the body.

Magnesium isn't just for sportspeople, though--it can be used by anyone and everyone. From pregnant women after a little muscle relief, to children needing assistance with cognitive functions, it's truly an all-rounder kind of product that will only benefit your health in the long run. It's also a great stress reliever, can help to fight inflammation and is a proven sleep aid. Get your most peaceful night's rest ever by spraying a little of the Salt Lab Magnesium Oil on the stomach or chest. After absorbing rapidly, it will help to boost GABA receptors, allowing this calming neurotransmitter to function more effectively. The result is a less restless slumber, a benefit everyone is sure to enjoy! For a natural sleep supplement you'll love adding into your nightly routine, look no further than Salt Lab. are proud authorised Australian stockists of Salt Lab. Shop the best-selling Magnesium Oil today and notice as your day-to-day life becomes calmer and more stress-free. Lowest Price Guaranteed + Free Australian Shipping Over $99.

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