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Are you always pining for that celebrity look? What secret do the stars have up their sleeve? One brand which has won over A-listers all over the globe is Slip. With its inimitable range of sleeping masks, face coverings, wellness and hair products, Slip has made waves in the world of fashion, music, and of course, Hollywood. Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore are among the Slip devotees. How do we know? Because they've been spotted wearing Slip products on major social media platforms.

But despite being linked to glamourous names, nobody should accuse Slip of putting style over substance. Their products are based on science, and they are always happy to back up benefits with facts. Take the Slip pillowcase, which is proven to absorb less face cream overnight and cause 43 per cent friction compared to standard cotton pillowcases.

That's just one example of Slip products' effectiveness, which has been reflected in gong wins from the Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards to the Women's Health Beauty Awards. We'rere proud to be an official stockist of Slip haircare, so browse the full range and enjoy free delivery anywhere in Australia.
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