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5 Steps to Create Perfect Brows

Have you been told six different times by six different people how to best accentuate your brows? Use a powder, use a gel, overdraw them, don’t draw them on to thick… It can be so confusing! Brows has become one of the most, if not THE most important feature on your face in the last couple of years, and the pressure is on to make sure your brows are PERFECT.

Luckily with the great new range of brow products from PONi Cosmetics perfect brows are easy!

With the below 5 steps, you can create perfect brows in minutes.

Create Perfect Brows in Minutes:

1. Take a PONi Cosmetics Brow Stencil in the shape you prefer and position over eyebrow accordingly.

2. Then, use a brow pencil such as Brow Magic to lightly trace the outline of the stencil.

3. Use a Brow Powder and a Brow Brush to fill in the rest of the brow and the outline you just made.

4. Ensure your brows stay in place all day with a little of the PONi brow wax

5. To complete the look, place some Brow Pop highlighter on your brow bone. This helps to emphasise your facial bone structure.

And that’s how easy brows should be.

PONi Cosmetics have all these brow products available for you in a handy little Brow Kit as well for your convenience!

If you need help remembering the steps, check out our handy graphic below.

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Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert