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Makeup today is all about using products to enhance your natural features and give you a little extra confidence to shine from within, epitomised by the trending ‘clean girl’ aesthetic that has been flooding our explore pages and magnifying the popularity of lightweight natural makeup.  

Less is more when it comes to achieving the perfect ‘clean girl’ look that leaves your skin looking extra luminous this winter.  

So how do you achieve this relaxed aesthetic? Executing a flawless ‘clean girl’ look can be accomplished in just five simple steps using some of MCoBeauty’s high quality luxe for less products! 


The first step is to create a luminous base that will leave your skin not only hydrated and moisturised but also protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. MCoBeauty has got you covered with their Invisible Facial Sunscreen with SPF 50+, which acts as a 3-in-1 multipurpose product that allows you to prime, moisturise, and protect. This sunscreen has a super lightweight hydrating formula that leaves a non-greasy, non-white cast finish, which is essential in executing a glowy ‘clean girl’ base.   




Next, to enhance your natural glow and add a pop of lightweight colour to your complexion MCoBeauty’s popular beauty wands are the way to go. The Highlight & Glow Beauty Wand in Blush Glow and the Instant Contour Cream Bronzer go hand-in-hand, complimenting each other perfectly to enhance the high points of your face, creating the desired ‘clean girl’ glow with subtle sculpting.   

The two products contain a creamy, long wear formula that is effortlessly buildable and easy to blend. The beauty wands have light-reflecting particles that deliver a natural glow, successfully helping you achieve a perfectly sculpted complexion that leaves your skin radiant and glowy.  They are ideal for adding a pop of colour to your base to achieve the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic.   


‘Clean girl’ brows are all about a natural and fluffy shape that add dimension to your face. MCoBeauty’s Magic Brows are a lightweight gel formula that adds the perfect amount of colour, without overpowering your natural brows, leaving a volumized natural finish. The iconic brow gel tints and sets your eyebrows in one action, giving you effortlessly fluffy brows.  



Adding volume and length to your eyelashes is the perfect way to have your eyes stand out and is essential in creating the natural ‘clean girl’ look. MCoBeauty’s Xtendlash Mascara is a must-have in achieving luscious long lashes. The award-winning product binds to your eyelashes, providing intense definition that will not run, smudge, clump, or flake. It is perfect in accentuating your natural lashes, bringing you one step closer to accomplishing the ultimate ‘clean girl’ makeup look. 



Finally, a finished clean girl look requires plump, juicy lips to add the final touch. MCoBeauty’s Lip Oil Hydrating Treatment is a rich, ultra-nourishing lip oil that creates a high-shine finish, enhancing your natural lip colour. It provides a long-lasting mirror glow that instantly comforts and nourishes your lips. It is a MUST in completing the perfect ‘clean girl’ makeup routine.  



So, do you want to ace this aesthetic makeup look and embrace your natural beauty?  

Then shop MCoBeauty now and be sure to add these products to your cart! 






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