Generation Fluid. Whoever you are today, live your way

Generation Fluid. Whoever you are today, live your way

Maybelline New York, the edgy brand that’s been taking trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk since 1915, is now a household name that’s sold in a whopping 129 countries across the world.

As huge lovers of the brand ourselves, (Maybelline Great Lash Mascara… need I say more?!) we’re super excited to announce that they are RY’s brand of the month for July, which is just in time for their latest campaign: Generation Fluid.

Bold. Encouraging. Daring

They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this kick-ass campaign, which is all about empowering women to be, encouraging, daring, and most importantly, unapologetically themselves.

According to Maybelline,

We live the lives of the people who use our product, encouraging them to be whoever they want to be and are, whenever they want to be it. Be flexible. Be free. Be fluid.

Through a host of bold influencers, Generation Fluid shows that whoever you are, wherever you come from, wherever you’re going or however you feel; you should be celebrated and encouraged.

Keep reading to find out their #GenerationFluid stories and go-to products from Maybelline.

Claire Howell

Claire changes and moves to every mood, using her makeup and her music to show the world how she feels every day.

Statement lips, all day every day, can now be a reality with the SuperStay Matte Ink range. Not only does it come in 30 shades to suit every mood, you’ll love how lightweight and seriously budge-proof it is (we promise!).

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Jayme Jo Massoud

As a dancer, Jayme fearlessly embraces and celebrates both her Australian and Lebanese cultures to create a unique style that is entirely hers.

When it comes to living your life your way, forget the rules. With 30 distinct shades to choose from, there’s a SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick for you to express yourself.

Embrace what you were born with and save yourself a trip to the lash salon.  With a little help from the Colossal Big Shot Volumizing mascara, high volume lashes are only a sweep up away.

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Helen Chik

Helen’s always on the go lifestyle has led her to explore and be inspired by every corner of the world.

If you’re looking to streamline your beauty routine for the road, Made For All lipstick is an essential. Whether you’re looking to go subtle or bold, these shades are designed look sensational on everyone. After all, nothing elevates a look like a statement lip.

For a splash of colour, reach for The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette. Compact, travel-friendly and with 6 shades that pack a punch. From tropical to smokey, this is your one-way ticket to a multitude of looks as you destination-hop.

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Marcia Leone

Forget traditional roles. Marcia’s mastered the juggle of motherhood and career, blazing her own path to success.

Anyone who’s constantly on the go would love a good makeup multitasker, which is why we can’t get enough of the Dream Liquid Satin Foundation. Not only oil-free, it’s also boosted with skin-loving hyaluronic acid to ensure you stay looking fresh even on the most hectic of days.

Business meeting, checked. Kid’s birthday, checked. Mascara on point, checked. Lash Sensational Mascara is the perfect companion for juggling life’s many priorities and still having va-va-voom lashes to boot. Whoever said you have to compromise hasn’t got one of these yet.

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Jordan Charles Herbert

Jordan expresses himself fearlessly, effortlessly breaking the labels society places on people to create his own cutting-edge style.

Not for the faint at heart, dare to let your brows take centre stage with Tattoo Brow Pomade Pot. Its long-lasting and the waterproof formula ensures it’s budge-proof, plus it glides on like a dream.

Struggle to apply false lashes?  Say hello to a shamlessly thick and extreme volume lashes with the Falsies False Lash Effect Mascara. Make sure you keep this mascara close at all times.  The results rival even the best set of falsies.

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Lilian Dikmans

Lilian won’t be defined. As a model, lawyer, writer, business owner and professional Muay Thai fighter, she’s made her multiple careers work for her.

There’s a reason why the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer is Australia’s #1 concealer*. This little powerhouse allows you to cover, shape and contour in no time – making it a triple-threat in and out of the ring. This in our book is a winner!

Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the perfect pout. The SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick  is proven to stay on for 16-hours so comfortably, with high pigment and statement making colours.

*AU Grocery & Pharmacy Scan, Value & Unit Sales. Total Concealer Category. MAT 19/05/2019.

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With Maybelline you can be bold, encouraging, daring and most importantly; unapologetically you.

 Click here to discover their full stories or here to shop the entire Maybelline New York range.



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