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Parlux Hairdryer

OK, so one of the most asked questions, at least twice a day to the RY professionals is this “what is the best hairdryer” and “my current hairdryer sucks – please help!”

We decided to speak to some of these people and get a bigger insight into what hairdryers people are using, and what they do and don’t like about them. Tracey, Sarah Simone and Lilli kindly donated their time and thoughts, so that we could compile and give you some unbiased knowledge and thoughts on the ‘can’t live without accessory’ – your Hairdryer.

Find out why and how the Parlux Hairdryer can give you salon quality results at home, plus which is the Best Parlux Hair Dryer.

Tracey, 39 – NSW.
Thick, coarse, mid-length coloured brunette hair.
I have owned my Remington hairdryer for 12 months and I wash my hair every second day. I find that it drys my hair, as I assume any dryer would, but i have been looking around and researching new ones for a few weeks. It wasn’t cheap, so by that I assumed that it was a good one.  I have noticed that if I allow my hair to dry naturally it is far more shiny and soft than if i use my hairdryer (obviously not taking into account my fringe which tends to dry perpendicular to my forehead!). My hairdryer is what i have learned to be ‘standard’ it is just a motor that blasts out air, with some switches that control a few different heat and speed settings – that’s it. To be honest that’s all i thought it was, but it turns out that there is a few extra features that are available in some hairdryers that can make a difference. After doing my research I have discovered ceramic and ionic.

Sarah, 19 – QLD
Fine, brittle long bleached blonde hair.
I own a cheap big w brand dryer, and its horrible! I have started saving for a more decent one and have decided on the Parlux Hair Dryer. My current one doesn’t seem to do much good, sure it drys my hair, slowly, but its not shiny at all. Some of my friends who use the Parlux have such shiny hair, and its really smooth. Even with my favorite smoothing serum after my hair has a brittle knotted feeling.

Simone, 30 – ACT
Normal, brunette hair.
I am a ex-hairdresser and used to use a Tony and Guy professional dryer, after my career change, I took my dryer home with me for myself and family to use. Whilst it was okay when i was using it in salon on clients, i physically could not dry my own hair with it, it was too heavy. After this experience, weight  should definitely come into your decision making process, because you want to be able to hold it above your head for however long it takes to style your hair, and not have an aching and dead arm as a result! I would suggest going for a compact model that offers ceramic and ionic qualities, but doesn’t compromise on weight.

Lilly, 49 – SA
Oily hair with brittle dry ends.
As a mature lady, i can safely say that my hair has been around the block! i have been blonde, brown and everything in between! my hair is now quiet short, ear bob length and is a natural brunette, as all my colour has grown out. With no colour in my hair, i have noticed a big deference in my hair care needs, i am no longer combating dyed, dry or brittle hair. It is now more flat and listless. With a Ceramic and Ionic hairdryer i am able to get a voluminous and shiny result that everybody comments on.

The Verdict?

There is one thing common with all the ladies that gave us there thoughts, is that those using a lower quality hairdryer, don’t get the results that they think they should. Lets face it, when you walk out of your Salon with perfect, shiny gorgeous hair, there really is no reason why you cant create that result at home is there? You’ve got all the haircare and styling products that you need, so it ultimately falls back on your hairdryer.

We think that you should look for the following tips when looking for your next perfect hairdryer:

  1. Power, it needs to be powerful
  2. Motor and Element, it really needs to have a professional motor, and a ceramic element
  3. Weight, a professional motor doesn’t have to mean 10kg.

For those of the skeptics out there that aren’t all sold on the jargon, have a read of this article which explains the Ceramic and Ionic features of hairdryers.

Which is the best Parlux hair dryer in your opinion?

Time to save up, and get yourself a new hairdryer and you’ll be looking like you have just stepped out of a salon every day!



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