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Alpha-H Review

If you haven’t already heard about Alpha-H (you live under a rock,sorry) then I highly recommend you get up to date with this incredible skincare brand. Why? Well firstly, it’s Australian owned AND made, that’s impressive right? Plus, these little babies pack a punch with their ability to replenish and rejuvenate any skin type. Alpha-H pride themselves on their approach to provide not only quality products but they also leave out those yucky fillers that you will (sadly) find in most skincare products nowadays.

So you can get an idea of how fabulous these products are, we asked Recreate Yourself salon customer, Donna Wilkins from the Gold Coast, Queensland to tell us exactly what she thought of Alpha-H products. Donna is aged between 40-50 and used the products over a 6 week period. Read her review below!


Products Reviewed

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse With Glycolica Acid And Rice Bran 100ml


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Cleanser



Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+ 50ml



Alpha-H Age Delay Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Treatment Cream 50ml



Q & A:

1. Tell us a bit about your skin, do you have any concerns ?

    My skin is very sensitive, dry. My cheek area has Milia and my skin is very red in patches.

2 What would you like to get out of these products, what are your expectations ?

    Milia to be reduced and my skin to look and feel better.

3. Initial thoughts on the products after first use ?

     Liquid gold cleanser was a little bit runny. I loved the smell and instant feel from the micro cleanse. Daily moisturiser goes on easy and consistent. The night cream was tingly when it went on which i didn’t like at first.

4. Comments after week one?

     Skin feels good and I haven’t had a reaction.

5. Comments after 3 weeks?

     Skin feels and looks better already. 

6. Comments after 6 weeks?

     Milia is reducing around the cheek and eye area. Skin is not so red. Routine is easy to maintain.

7. What is your favourite product ?

     Mirco cleanse, love the instant feel and smell.

8. Would you recommend this to family and friends?

     Yes i would and I already have.



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