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GHD On A Desert Island ?

desertislandYou’re lost and trapped on a dessert island. You have not eaten for three weeks and fresh water is running low. But in the back of your mind there is still a chance your going to rescued buy a hunky man and you want to make sure you look your best when your night in shining Armour arrives. We asked  our staff what  5 hair and beauty products you would choose to be stuck on a dessert island with.

1, GHD straightener.


We not sure how you would power this but when straight hair is required woman find a way.

2, Dermalogica overnight clearing gel.


In case of breakout this stuff rocks.

3, New KMS make over spray


Shampoo and conditioning  the all in one spray will solve your dirty hair problems.

4,Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moisturizer


The spf 30 gives you the two for one advantage, suncream and moisturiser.

5 Tweezerman Tweezers.


Unwanted hair is always unwanted, dessert island or not.

The choices were hard and not altogether practical, but it did get us all thinking. Have you thought about what you would take if you were stranded?

Writer and expert