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No No Pro 5 Hair Removal | Is it Any Good?

No No Pro 5 Hair Removal | Is it Any Good?



No! No! Hair Should be Called the Yes! Yes!

The No! No! Hair is considered to be the “number one hair remover in the world” by top beauty experts such as Allure magazine, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Elegant Bride and dozens of others. In fact, it’s been so highly praised – Doctor Oz raved about it – that it made us wonder: Could this high-tech hair removal / anti-aging device really be that wonderful? Do the results back up its claims?

We only want to offer you beauty products that work so we took it upon ourselves to really research this miracle device. We read the mountains of research it offers to back up its claims. We tested it on our own unwanted hair. And we even tried the No! No! Pro5 LED Red Light anti-aging therapy attachment on our wrinkles. Not that we actually wanted to have smooth, young-looking skin. No, we did all this for you.

What did we discover? Yes, it works. And it’s kind of amazing.

Maybe it’s because it can be used on all types of hair – blonde, brunette, red-heads – curly, straight, fine, thick – seriously, all hair types can be treated painlessly and effectively with this device. Plus, you can dial the energy level up or down depending on your hair type. Coarse hair is harder to remove than fine hair, so go ahead and crank it up by 35% to tackle those areas.

Or maybe we think it’s truly incredible because the No! No! Pro5 isn’t just a hair remover, it can also become an anti-aging device. Yes, you’ll need to buy the LED attachment separately, but what good is removing your hair if the skin underneath is wrinkled? The anti-aging effects of the LED Red Light Therapy have been well-documented over the past 40 years by NASA scientists. Plus, the device itself comes with an impressive pedigree: it was created by the same innovators that designed the OMNILUX light therapy machines, which are used by plastic surgeons and medical spas.

You’ll be singing its praises because it actually reduces hairs ability to grow back. In fact, clinical trials over a period of 12 weeks resulted in a 94% decrease in the amount of hair that returned. Ninety-four percent less waxing; 94% less stressing over unwanted hair; wearing minis 94% more often than long pants? Yep, we’re truly loving this device.

We’re pleased to report it’s not just another hair zapper. It uses patented Pulsed Thermicon technology, which allows a greater pulse of energy to be passed down to the root of each hair, disrupting the communication between the bulb and root to slow down hair re-growth and weaken the hair. In English that means your hair will grow back slower, sparser, finer, lighter and in many cases, not at all. Which is nice, right?

Weeks ago we set out to discover if the No! No! Pro5 deserved the title “number one hair remover in the world.” The verdict? Our smooth face, legs, arms and bikini-area are saying YES. Our recommendation? Give it a try today, because life is too short to be hairy.

You can purchase your NO NO pro 5 hair removal kit now.



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