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The skin and body care products from AHAVA are unlike no others--this ultra-effective, high quality brand uses minerals directly from the Dead Sea to enrich all of their formulations. This location is inherently tied to many religious events and practices, but is also one of the world’s great geographical wonders. The mud, salt and water from the Dead Sea region has been found to have restorative properties, renewing the skin and instilling it with hydration.

Founded in 1988, AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories harnesses the power of this bountiful location and channels it into skincare. With years of experience now backing the brand and a results-first philosophy driving all of their innovations, AHAVA products are beloved around the world. There’s a product in the AHAVA range for everyone, no matter your skin type or concerns. 

An incredibly popular product within the AHAVA range is the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream, an enriching lotion that gives even the most hard-working of hands new life. In addition to Dead Sea water and salts, Witch Hazel is incorporated into this unique formula for lasting hydration and an antioxidant effect. 

Another favourite is the AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask. This product cites Dead Sea mud as its key ingredient, and is ideal for those who suffer from acne, breakouts or blocked pores. The mask, when left on for just two minutes, will draw out impurities and clear the skin immensely. The result is a clean, fresh complexion with fewer pesky pimples! Energising minerals also help to brighten and rejuvenate the skin. 

Incorporating AHAVA active dead sea minerals into your daily skincare routine is sure to change your complexion for the better, increasing hydration and preventing against acne or breakouts. You’re sure to see a skin and body transformation after just a few weeks of using the luxurious AHAVA skincare range. 

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