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Founded in 1988, Israeli brand AHAVA harnesses the power of the mineral-rich Dead Sea to bring you revolutionary products enriched with botanicals, salts, minerals and mud that strengthen the skin, stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins. The Dead Sea shoreline is the lowest point of dry land on earth and is renowned for its therapeutic properties. AHAVA was born out of a desire to bring these healing benefits into your own skincare regime.

Combining science and nature, AHAVA's extensive collection of products hydrate the skin from deep within so that you see phenomenal results on the outer layers. Paraben-free, eco-conscious and cutting-edge, AHAVA products use raw natural ingredients to nourish, revive and firm the complexion. Unlike other Dead Sea skincare brands, AHAVA has its own skin research centre and laboratory where dedicated scientists have developed patented AHAVA Osometer™ technology. This means you get the most concentrated Dead Sea minerals in everything from Purifying Mud Masks to Liquid Dead Sea Salts.

In Hebrew, AHAVA means love, and this is a brand that wants you to have a love story with your skin. Powerful, natural and effective, AHAVA skincare is globally recognised for nutrient-rich precious mineral formulas that help with everything from acne and eczema to dull, dry skin and signs of ageing.

RY is proud to be an official Australia stockist of AHAVA, who are committed to keeping skin hydrated and healthy for everyone.

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