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The mission of Biolage is simple: educate the beauty world about sustainable beauty practices and products that are good for your hair and good for the planet.

In 1990, professional hair stylish Arnie Miller discovered a secret. He realised that the power of nature could be harnessed to protect, nourish and moisturise hair. Miller wanted to share this secret with the world so he created Biolage, a pioneering hair care brand that utilised the best and most powerful botanical ingredients. Unlike some hair care products and treatments that are laced with harsh chemicals, Biolage is a brand that believes in protecting not only hair but the wellbeing of stylists and their customers.

Biolage became a global success and was quickly introduced into salons and homes around the world. Biolage maintains its stellar reputation by consistently developing professional hair care products that are formulated with the best ingredients the natural world has to offer. This ensures that Biolage are constantly creating high-performance products that help address real hair concerns and create a healthy, balanced scalp.

Only sustainable packaging is used for Biolage products, to ensure every product released by the brand remains true to their core values and beliefs. Biolage provides salon-quality hair products for home-use and only ever formulate products that are clean and natural. Whether you have dry, oily or coloured-hair, you're sure to find a Biolage product that meets your specific hair needs and concerns. They have also developed a number of styling and conditioning treatments to make managing difficult hair effortless.

Biolage products are extremely in-demand so ensure you browse our selection of Biolage products today. RY has a quick payment and approval process so we will aim to get your luxurious Biolage hair products to you as quickly as possible.

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