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OFRA AUSTRALIA - Exclusive & Innovative Cosmetics

Quality, hypoallergenic makeup suitable for professional use, Ofra was created by therapist and makeup artist Ofra Gaito. With over 20 years of industry experience, Ofra has established itself as a leader of innovation within the beauty industry. This not just another skincare and makeup line - Ofra is leading the way in manufacturing professional skincare and makeup. Everything at Ofra is done in house from product creation to testing, manufacturing and packaging. Ofra cosmetics are long lasting and are suitable for sensitive skin types. Some highlights from the Ofra makeup range include long lasting liquid lipsticks, velvety eyeshadows, mascara that stimulates hair growth and and gorgeous highlighters.

Ofra Ingredients: From beginning to end, Ofra products are formulated with the highest quality plant based ingredients including: Plant, marine, and vegetable extracts, Peptides, Lady's Mantle, Retinol specializations, Argerline (peptides from amino acids), Vegetable Growth Hormone, Vitamin C, Glycolic and Lactic Acids, Sodium Hyaluronate, and a variety of Minerals all approved by FDA.

There are so many looks you can create with OFRA cosmetics - the options are endless. Work the latest trends of the moment with monochromatic makeup - wear the same shade on your eyes, cheeks and lips. This can be achieved in peach, pink, nude and even lilac with the great range of OFRA shadows, blush and liquid lippies.

Sculpting is the new contour! So get on to the NEW Ofra Skin Sculpting Wands available in two pale and two dark shades to highlight and contour as you please. How to use the Ofra Skin Sculpting Wand? It's so easy - the skin sculpting sets are infused with plant stem cell for concealing and rejuvenating delicate skin around the eyes and face. Apply a generous amount of the highlight shade in an upside down triangle shape under each eye and the darker shades in the hollows of your cheeks. Leave to absorb into the skin for a minute, then buff out with your makeup tool of choice. The perfect contour and highlight with a natural, seamless finish. Available in four shades including Dawn, Dusk Sunrise, & Sunset.

The Ofra product lines are vast and RY are proud to stock the popular highlighters, bright blushes, banana powder, concealer, foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow. Keep an eye out for NEW Ofra products dropping regularly.

Ofra has been featured in media such as Allure, Womansworld and Dermascope and has collaborated with big influencers to bring much demanded products to their loyal clientele. These influencers include NikkieTutorials, Shaaanxo, Chloe Morello and more.

Shop Best Selling Ofra Products: Ofra Highlighter - Blissful | Ofra Banana Powder | Ofra Liquid Lipstick - Aries

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