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System Professional was established in 1974 by Wella haircare specialists, and quickly became the first coded, modular system of performance care. The brand focuses on the science of lipids to truly reinvigorate your hair, and guarantee the best results.

The LipidCode Complex is a brand-unique technology that aims to re-energise the hair’s natural lipids, which then become responsible for strengthening your hair’s keratin through fibre health, elasticity, and responsiveness – something that we’re all aiming for! Its science-driven products allow System Professional to offer a truly bespoke service, with products tailored for all hair types.

System Professional is one of the top brands used by hairdressers which means, if you’re searching for that post-hairdresser health and shine, look no further than System Professional’s haircare range. The brand’s Balance range has quickly become a best-seller in Australia, offering anti-inflammatory, colour-free, and pH-neutral products that will restore your scalp’s natural moisture barrier.

System Professional haircare is constantly evolving, using current bioengineering formulas to educate and to source top-quality products. As an official stockist of System Professional haircare, we support their aim of delivering salon-quality, astounding products that will replenish your hair and leave it stronger for longer.
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