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Sick of dry, damaged or overprocessed hair as a result of colouring and bleaching? Well, your life is about to change--enter Olaplex! This best-selling bond restructuring treatment is the answer to healthier hair that retains less damage, and looks and feels better on the whole. 

Your hair transformation journey begins in-salon, at any establishment that offers Olaplex Nos. 1 and 2 as part of their service menu. Often used in the hair while you’re receiving colour, especially blonde or bleaching, these first two steps will reform any broken bonds in the hair, filling in the gaps permanently. This damage could be caused by a number of factors, however a few key culprits do emerge--these include over-processing, excessive colouring (especially in a non-professional environment or with increasingly lighter colours), over-brushing or the regular use of heated tools. Once Olaplex has worked its magic, any broken bonds will be repaired, until more damage is incurred. Your locks will immediately feel softer, smoother and far healthier after receiving this treatment from your haircare professional. 

That’s where Olaplex No. 3 comes in. Our number one best-selling product for 2017, Olaplex has skyrocketed to cult status in the beauty industry. This 100ml tub will be your new best friend--and here’s how. Used as an in-shower hair mask once weekly, it will maintain the results you’ve experienced at your salon of choice, keeping hair luxuriously soft and smooth. It’s the perfect way to maintain those gorgeous locks in between visits. 

If you haven’t received Olaplex Nos. 1 and 2 in salon, however, you’re not prohibited from using No. 3 in the slightest! The treatment will still have a plethora of benefits for your hair, including smoothing and softening. However, to access optimum results, it should be preceded by the in-salon treatments. Olaplex No. 3 does not contain silicone, phthalates, sulfates, DEA, aldehydes or gluten. Olaplex is never tested on animals. 

Shop Olaplex No. 3 today with RY, your official stockist. Once you’ve incorporated this cult product into your weekly haircare routine, you’ll never want to look back! We offer free Australian shipping on all orders over $99, plus select Afterpay at checkout to buy now and pay later.

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