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Lanolips are one of the finest creators of moisturisation products in Australia. Did you know that this homegrown brand was started by a family of sheep farmers? You might be pondering the link between agriculture and skincare - but what if we told you that the star ingredients in Lanolips' range of lip balms, ointments and hand creams is lanolin? In case you didn't know, lanolin is a waxy substance that is taken from the fresh shearings of sheep's wool.

Lanolips extracts its Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin using a stringent refinement and cleaning process, which rids the substance of all unwanted impurities. Quite simply, this is the purest form of lanolin that you are likely to find anywhere.

What does this all mean? That you can keep your face and hands hydrated all day long with a completely natural ingredient that is produced right here in Australia. Over time, Lanolips has become known as a brand that delivers lip balms that offer intense moisturisation and a glossy look.

The Lanolips collection contains no chemicals, no additives and is hypoallergenic. At RY, we are proud to be an official Lanolips stockist in Australia and offer delivery nationwide.
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