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Buy Lanolips moisturisation products from Australia

Lanolips is an Australian brand bred through and though. The Lanolips inspiration comes from a sheep farm in South Australia, from a family of sheep farmers.

Lanolin is the primary ingredient in the Lanolips range, it is a natural ingredient that is taken from freshly shorn sheep's wool. It is Nature's Wonder moisturiser! The Lanolips goal was to create a completely natural, ultra pure lanolin lip ointment, one that gave the best moisturisation available and that had a glossy but most importantly natural finish.
Medical grade Lanolin products from Australia

Lanolips products use Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. The Lanolin foes through a stringent refining and cleaning process; cleansing the raw lanolin of all external impurities, scent and colour, making it the purest most natural form of lanolin available.

The Lanolips Difference:

  • There are no chemicals
  • No additive
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • It’s colour free
  • Odour free
  • It’s so safe it can be used on the mouths of new-born babies
  • It is 100% pure, cream of the crop, concentrated and refined lanolin
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