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Morrocanoil is the haircare brand with a powerful natural ingredient up its sleeve - the transformative argan oil. But did you know that the company's founder, Carmen Tal, came across this amazing treatment by accident when she was on holiday? After a colour service went wrong, Carmen's locks were rescued with amazing argan oil, setting her off on a mission to tell the rest of the world about her discovery. That was the birth of Moroccanoil haircare.

Achieving smooth, shiny and manageable hair is all in a day's work for Moroccanoil treatment and its collection of hair protectants, masks, shampoos and conditioners, and it has also branched out into body treatments such as sun protection and moisturisers.

So what's behind the mystery and 'magic' of the famous argan oil? For a start, it is an excellent nourisher, and it also contains plentiful antioxidants. It is also an effective protector against the sun and skin care solution for acne and infections, meaning that this is a super-versatile ingredient that can be infused with so many beauty products.

Thanks to the conditioning and styling benefits brought to the table by its argan oil-infused haircare products, Moroccanoil has blossomed into a world-renowned beauty brand. We are proud to be an official stockist of Moroccanoil in Australia and deliver nationwide for free.

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