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Ardell Lashes

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It was movie magic that launched a famous beauty trend. In 1916, legendary movie director, DW Griffith wanted Seena Owen, the leading lady of his epic, "Intolerance", to have glamorous lashes so long they would gracefully touch her cheeks when she fluttered her eyelashes or looked down thoughtfully.

A wig maker wove human hair through fine gauze and gummed them to Owen's eyelids creating the very first set of false eyelashes. Needless to say, women wanted the same movie star lashes and a trend was born.

The arrival of ARDELL lashes became the world's leading brand in faux eyelashes because Ardell has stayed true to the mission of wanting to give women a way to have beautiful, unforgettable eyes. The dedication to this goal began in 1971 when Arnold Miller founded ARDELL along with his wife, Sydell Miller. ARDELL comes from combining their first names. With the introduction of ARDELL Duralashes, their first line of individual faux eyelashes, the Millers grew their business with great success. They put ARDELL strip lashes and individual lashes on the shelves of thousands of retail and professional stores and the brand never looked back.

American International Industries purchased ARDELL in 1980 and has built it into the world's largest selection of easy-to-use, premium quality faux eyelashes, brow cosmetics and accessories. In other words, ARDELL offers the complete look for creating the look of alluring eyes. ARDELL is much more than eyelashes because we understand that women want the sexy, gorgeous look of natural, thicker, longer lashes. What's more, research indicates a need for women to feel comfortable with faux eyelashes. With ARDELL lashes, there's a unique comfort and ease in wear. They're ultra light, easy to apply and easy to remove. Plus, ARDELL created an innovative adhesive that guarantees lash security while protecting your own lashes and eyes.

ARDELL offers several lash styles to fit any mood, personality and lifestyle. They have become must-have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers. When women everywhere want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that's alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to ARDELL lashes Australia and enjoy the compliments.
Our favourites are the Ardell demi wispies available from RY Australia

Shop Ardell lashes and enjoy a more, fluttering, glamorous you!

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