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Did you know that the secret weapon to healthier skin according to many skincare experts is using a toner? Toners are an essential step in our skincare routine, as they can assist with evening out oil production and restoring the skin’s pH balance. A soothing, gentle toner will unclog your pores by removing excess sebum, dirt, and oil. With so many toners to choose from, it’s important that you select the right toner for your skincare concerns and skin type.

If you’re struggling with irritation and inflammation, then a witch hazel-based toner might be best for you. Frequently used to ease ace, sunburn, and inflammatory conditions, a witch hazel toner will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. Another skincare favourite product to many people is glycolic acid toner. Used in a range of professional and commercial skincare products and treatments, glycolic acid will treat a range of common skin concerns such as fine lines and hyperpigmentation. We suggest that you don’t use a glycolic acid toner every day if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Instead of skin concerns, why not choose a toner based on your skin type? There are a number of options, including oily skin toner (which removes excess oil), dry skin toner (radiance-boosting and nourishing), and acne-prone skin toner (one that blocks and reduces blemishes). After you’ve used your favourite cleanser, a quick spritz of your favourite toning mist will help inject moisture and re-instil balance. Discover our full range of toners today.

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