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Sachajuan is a Swedish brand formed in 1997 by internationally-recognised hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. Their own-brand products, which first entered circulation in 2004, continue to reflect their philosophy - to simplify haircare by reducing superfluous ingredients, products and routines.

Both Mitic and Rosenlind are firm believers in the minimalist approach when creating beautiful and healthy styles, something which is reflected in their products, including shampoos, conditioners and mists. This is exemplified by how each formula is made - the absence of unnecessary, clunky ingredients which weigh down strands. Even their products are named in a clear and straightforward way.

Sachajuan products are instead designed to work with the hair, rather than on it, to scientifically enrich strands, which is demonstrated by the use of naturally sourced and never before seen Ocean Technology, characterised by the combination of two cold-water algae (Rhodophyceae and Chondrus). This benefits the hair by improving elasticity, shine and moisture and creating effortlessly smooth, deeply nourished and overall vibrant hair. At RY, we're an official stockist are we're excited to introduce this modern adaptation of hair care and styling to Australia, while offering free delivery across the country.

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