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Dr Hauschka

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Luxury Natural Skin Care

Dr Hauschka was a German doctor who specialised in anthroposophic medicine, or alternative forms of medicine in the early 1930s. At this time Dr Rudolf Hauschka was particularly rare and ahead of his time. Producing natural medicines without using alcohol as a preservative was basically unheard of. However the demand for Dr Hauschka's preparations encouraged him to establish a society for natural medicine in Ludwigsburg in 1935 and also one in Vienna and London shortly afterwards which landed him in prison for a brief period. Dr. Hauschka considered launching a skincare line that complimented his medicines for many years. He wanted to spread the word for not just being healthy internally, but healthy skin as well. It was over 30 years later in 1967 when his first skincare products were finally released. The unconventional skincare products made him feel like a rebel. Today, the Dr Hauschka skincare line is still committed to that pioneering spirit of the early days, with key ingredients such as medicinal plant extracts. The skincare line supports your skin regular regeneration rhythm, activating and stabilising it. Rich, moisturising, luxurious products help pamper your skin during the day while non-oily products at night keep your skin's metabolic functions undisturbed.

Experience the difference with the Dr Hauschka Skin Care today.

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