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NIOD flies its flag high - it aims to be at the very cutting edge of skincare, taking the 'lab experience' from back to front-of-house. This is a brand that does away with 'the power of perception', preferring to take a starkly science-based approach that is based on reality rather than fantasy. Sound different to 90 per cent of today's skincare brands? That's because they are!

Every time you try a new NIOD product - from serums for the eyes and neck to bedtime masques and cleansers - you are putting your trust in formulas that have been developed with absolutely no regard to the latest trends or fads. NIOD openly admit that they may attract "a very narrow audience" with this no-nonsense branding, but they are happy to focus on cornering a market where fact prevails over fiction, and skincare products are held to account for their effectiveness.

The likes of Vogue magazine have picked up on the 'skintellectual' movement which NIOD is spearheading. But true to the brand's personality, they would probably shy away from such plaudits, preferring instead to play a behind-the-scenes role in progressing dermal science for the good of our skin. RY is a proud official stockist of NIOD in Australia and offer free delivery nationwide.

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