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Viviscal is a tried-and-tested range of hair growth solutions and supplements ideal for those with thinning, limp or lacklustre locks. If you experience regular hair fallout, are concerned about your hair’s strength as you age, or simply want to restore some vitality into your hair, Viviscal may be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Viviscal are the hair growth experts, and know that hair loss can directly contribute to how we feel about ourselves and our overall confidence in our appearances. The brand has been designed for the everyday woman or man, and understands each of the unique reasons someone may be experiencing premature hair loss or thinning. Whether your hair has been affected by pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, medication, over-processing, menopause, age, stress or something else entirely, Viviscal will address it with ease. 

The brand originated in the 1980s, when a Scandinavian professor and researcher discovered the benefits of a diet rich in marine derivatives, such as the protein in fish. After extensive testing and development, he was able to the key protein molecules from these foods and create AminoMar C, the key ingredient within all Viviscal supplements. This beneficial ingredient works wonders for the body, and the hair in particular. Combined with years worth of added research into hair loss and how to best promote hair growth, it’s clear why Viviscal are considered a leading hair growth brand worldwide. 

Viviscal products are designed to nourish and condition the hair, as well as spurring on growth and strengthening the hair follicle. The most popular product in the range is the Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements, which are to be taken once or twice daily for 3-6 months. After just a short while taking these supplements as part of your daily routine, you’ll notice hair is denser and holds more volume, in addition to appearing shinier, feeling softer and looking healthier on the whole. Vitamin C, Zinc and Biotin amongst other key ingredients work alongside the key AminoMar C complex, fortifying the hair and providing protective, antioxidant benefits. The Maximum Strength Supplements are available in tailored ranges for either men or women, and address the unique differences between these hair types to deliver optimum results. 

To complement the Maximum Strength Supplements, you can work other effective Viviscal products into your daily haircare routine. Cleanse your locks with the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, which is enriched with Keratin and Biotin to reinstill some strength back into the hair. Follow up and condition with the nourishing formula of the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner. If your hair truly needs some TLC, you can even add the Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir into your regimen as a now-and-then, leave-in treatment that will boost your results. 

Viviscal also know that sometimes, a quick fix is necessary--that’s where the Viviscal Conceal and Densify Hair Volumising Fibres come in! Simply brush into the roots of the hair for instant coverage while you’re in the midst of your hair growth journey. Available in four shades suited to an array of hair colours and types, these are the easiest way to feign thicker, fuller hair temporarily. 

Viviscal supplements are not suitable for those allergic to seafood, as the AminoMar C complex is derived from seafood-based marine proteins. Check the ingredients listing of non-dietary supplement products within the range to determine whether they contain seafood derivatives. 

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