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Many of us will fall prone to hair loss or thinning at some point in our lives. If not that, then we're almost certainly going to go through phases of our hair becoming lacklustre, limp, or without shine. This is where Viviscal products come in.

Viviscal offers a range of high-quality hair growth and replenishment products, including shampoos, conditioners, and supplements.

Whether you're looking to fortify or densify your hair, Viviscal has carefully created products using timeless ingredients such as biotin, which has long been recognised as a key vitamin for strong, long, healthy hair.

Within just weeks, you'll be able to see a noticeable difference in the overall quality of your hair, with healthier insides and a glossier outside. This is thanks to Viviscal's dedication to clinical research, with an expert team always seeking out the latest revolutionary supplements and natural vitamins to improve the quality of your hair.

One of the factors that sets Viviscal apart from other hair growth brands is that it remains the only one that utilises AminoMar C.™, a marine protein complex proprietary to Viviscal products. AminoMar C.™ has been clinically researched time and time again, and in each study has yielded great results.

Viviscal became inspired to use AminoMar C.™ following a 1980s study by a Scandinavian professor, who noted that the sleek, gorgeous hair of the Inuit people was thanks to a rich marine diet.

You can buy just one product or invest in a complete hair care regime - whatever suits your needs. Viviscal products are designed to work alone but work more powerfully in conjunction with others.

Here at RY Australia, we stock a range of Viviscal products. So whether you're seeking hair growth or strengthening, be sure to browse our stock to find the Viviscal product for you.

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