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Founded in 1990, Viviscal is an award-winning hair supplement brand that has been at the forefront of advanced hair science for more than a quarter of a century. With products available for both men and women, Viviscal's product range spans shampoo, conditioner, and oral treatments. There is a variety of factors that could contribute to hair loss, including poor diet, ageing, stress, menopause, chemical treatments, and over-styling. Viviscal's formulas are developed based on results, with clinical trials leading to thicker, glossier, and more voluminous-looking hair.

Over the years, Viviscal has become known as one of the hair regrowth brands that actually work, using a blend of productive ingredients including AminoMar C.™, Vitamin C, Biotin (Vitamin B7), Iron, and Zinc. As official stockists of Viviscal products, we're excited by the change that Viviscal is bringing to people's lives, be it improved confidence and self-perception, or opening up a new door of styling opportunities. Viviscal treatments are effective thanks to their powerful combination of nutrients.

Starter kits are available if you would like to test a Viviscal treatment out before committing to 1-month and longer treatments. Shop the range at RY to see your options.

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