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One of the most underappreciated times of the day is the time we spend asleep. However, sleep is a vital part of a happy and healthy life. The Goodnight Co. realised just how important a good night's sleep can be for a happy and healthy life, and their range of products can improve on those hours we spend slumbering.

The Goodnight Company was established in 2015 by Australian mums, Shea & Danielle. The two wanted to make the world fall back in love with sleep and so sought to put together a collection of the perfect range of silk sleeping products. In addition to these bedroom products, The Goodnight Company has since expanded into bath & body products, along with sleep supplements all in line with its mission of promoting better sleep.

Sticking to their roots, The Goodnight Company offer a selection of silk pillowcases. Coming in a selection of colours, the silk material of the pillowcases leads to less friction with your skin, ultimately giving you a much more comfortable night's sleep. Additionally, the breathable and hypoallergenic nature of silk pillowcases means that your temperature will be regulated, so you can stay cool to assist you in getting an uninterrupted night's sleep.

In addition to bedroom items, The Goodnight Company sells relaxation products such as candles and bath soaks. These can help to soothe you and get you into a more relaxed state of mind before you settle down for the night, and the bath soak's ingredients of magnesium and bicarbonate of soda help create a healthy body inside and out.

If you need to improve your sleeping habits, the great variety of products offered by The Goodnight Company can change your sleep experience for the better.

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