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First-Rate Beauty Tools for Your Pretty Face
Who would have thought that a global beauty care phenomenon could start from a single pair of tweezers? In 1980, Tweezerman sold its first pair of tweezers, and since then has become the leading manufacturer of high-quality, affordable beauty care accessories. They offer everything from eyelash curlers to pedicure sets, so your grooming needs are truly covered from head to toe.
There’s a good reason Tweezerman has become a favorite of salon experts, celebrities, and everyday consumers in countries all over the world. Their commitment to producing beauty tools that outperform everything else on the market has led to creations such as the Slant, their award-winning angled tweezers whose hand-filed edge securely grabs hairs the first time, every time. Tweezerman products are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and quality and boast a lifetime warranty and free sharpening for the life of the tool. You’ll never have to worry about being unprepared for your next girl’s night out.
Tweezerman constantly works to develop innovations to serve you, our customers, ever better. Whenever and wherever you experience our brand, we aim to provide you with the best in beauty tools, tips, and techniques in addition to excellence in attention to detail and service.
Tweezerman is also committed to social responsibility. Their “Second Bottom Line” reflects their commitment to improving the communities around them by supporting environmental and humanitarian organizations, particularly those that empower women. Their products are always sourced responsibly with particular attention paid to the conditions in which the products are manufactured. Your purchase will not only help you look more fabulous, it will also help support compassion and justice around the globe.

Listen to Our Tweezerman Customer Reviews

“My Tweezerman point tweezers have lasted me for years and years, could not image my life without them.” –Sonya
“This little mirror is worth its weight in gold!! It allows me to put on my makeup with clarity for a perfect finish. As I am unable to see in a regular mirror, the 10x magnification is fantastic. I have used other mirrors with 5x magnification but with no success at all - not strong enough. For women aged 45 onwards whose eyesight naturally changes, this mirror is especially good for applying eye makeup such as eyeliner and mascara.
Also great for getting your lipstick on perfectly, especially around the edges for aging lips and for plucking eyebrows to perfection - can see every single tiny little hair!!
It is portable, small and very light to carry. The light is great for poorly lit areas. Everything is covered with this fantastic mirror.” –Jo-Anne

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