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Beauty Pro

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With an affordable price tag and quality results, BeautyPRO is a brand beloved by professionals and consumers for its unsurpassed value. Offering the essential waxing supplies you need to look your best, including brushes, wax pots, waxing products, and cosmetic application tools. Used by make-up artists and beauticians for years, now you can experience salon professional quality in your own home. You won’t be anything but impressed after using BeautyPRO products. RY offers a full range of BeautyPRO products, including a large selection of waxes and wax accessories. 

With products such as BeautyPRO Professional Wax Pot and the BeautyPRO Wax Cartridge Heater Roller Attachment, you’ll be able to have the smooth skin you long for without the salon price tag. Every woman knows waxing will keep unwanted hair at bay two weeks longer than shaving, but until now it was impractical or difficult to wax at home. BeautyPRO waxing accessories, including wax pot will help you to achieve the smooth, sexy summertime skin any time of year!

BeautyPRO Takes the Difficulty Out of Home Waxing- Waxing at home is simple. Decide which type of wax suits your needs: wax strips for small areas that need more precision, or hard wax for large areas that need a flexible application. Choose a heater that goes with your wax type, heat the wax by strip or applicator, and apply the wax to the area with unwanted hair. Remove the wax, and enjoy your silky skin you deserve. BeautyPRO’s easy to use system makes home waxing a snap!  Let RY introduce you to one beauticians’ favourite professional products! You won’t be disappointed with the selection offered to you at surprisingly discounted prices. 

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