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A professional favourite throughout the most luxurious salons and spas in the world, Caronlab is known for their high-quality waxing products. Originally developed by salon owner Lilliane Caron because nothing on the market satisfied her customers, Caronlab's waxes have become the most effective hair removal products on the market. The Caronlab brand continues to set the salon standard by offering elite waxes for your face, body, and all of its delicate places.

A pioneer in the beauty industry, Caronlab is passionate and dedicated to researching and developing the best performing products in the industry. Their specially designed range of waxing accessories promises to deliver perfectly smooth skin both in home and at the salon. Caronlab offers high quality waxes, unisex waxes, smooth and remove waxes, waxing strips, pre- and post-wax care, wax heaters, and waxing utensils for all skin and hair types.

Formulated to Give Your Skin Some Love

Caronlab products are simple to use, gentle on your skin, and safe for your body. Their advanced formulas have been tested and manufactured to make your experience virtually pain-free, leaving your skin feeling smooth and sexy without the irritation of lower quality wax systems! Their products protect against unwanted germs and infection making hygiene easier than ever.

Use what the professionals love. Salons choose Caronlab products knowing they will receive the best quality available, and now you can have a spa experience in your own bathroom! See for yourself why Caron has become Australia’s leading salon wax manufacturer.

RY has an extensive range of Caronlab products at the best prices available. Treat yourself to soft and silky legs that stay smooth for weeks longer than shaving.

Caron Laboratories Reviews

“I love Caron products and have been using their pre-wax cleanser and post wax spray for years. Ingrown hairs had always been a bother so when I found the Caron bump eraser last year I was eager to try it. The spray is effective, but I find the lotion is easier to apply without the mess. I use the spray on my legs now that are less inclined to get ingrown hairs, and have found the lotion works best around my bikini line.” –Amy

“Don't let the pretty bottle fool you: what’s inside is incredible! I have always had a tough time when it comes to shaving or waxing. I'd break out in a bad rash every time. Sometimes I was too embarrassed to show my legs in public, but not anymore! I love being able to wear dresses again!” –Morghan

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