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Poni Cosmetics

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Perfect Makeup Made Easy

PONi was born after seeing women constantly putting others ahead of themselves, and not leaving time for much else! That's why PONi Cosmetics are all easy to use and leave professional results. PONi is for the real woman, who knows that time is precious and feel best with their brows and makeup done which is why PONi products help you achieve professional results at home. PONi will always be an affordable brand that is easy to use for women of all skin types and style preferences.

PONi products are proudly Australian made and are NOT tested on animals.

Struggling to create great brows - with PONi you can create great brows in minutes. Try these five steps:

    Take a PONi Cosmetics Brow Stencil in the shape you prefer and position over eyebrow accordingly.
    Then, use a brow pencil such as Brow Magic to lightly trace the outline of the stencil.
    Use the Brow Powder and Brow Brush to fill in the rest of the brow and the outline you just made.
    Ensure your brows stay in place all day with a little of the PONi brow wax
    To complete the look, place some Brow Pop highlighter on your brow bone. This helps to emphasise your facial bone structure.

TRY: Poni Brow Kit - containing everything you need to perfect your brows at home.

OR: Poni Lash & Brow Serum - helps to thicken, grow and darken your eyelashes and eyebrows.

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