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Create your own colour fantasy with KeraColor. With mythical hair colours, gentle cleansing and conditioning, your colour fairy tales really can come true.

Specialising in colouring and caring for coloured hair, KeraColor has created a range of 18 versatile colours that span vivid pinks to natural blondes and pastel blues. Their vegan and cruelty-free range mean you are treating your hair with the best.

From the second you finish dyeing your hair, the colour begins to fade, eroding its lustre and reducing its vibrancy. From pollution to washing, sun exposure and heat treatments, your coloured hair weakens and fades to become dull. Tackle drab locks with KeraColor's keratin-infused formulas. By using the building blocks of hair, nails, and skin, these products use keratin to assimilate every drop of these wonderful ingredients into the thick fibres of your hair. The result is a rich and intensely conditioned head of hair that will leave you looking stunning.

Kind colour is a beautiful colour. Make your hair irresistible, with every formula from the dye itself to the aftercare igniting your colour. Explore, express and enhance your locks.

Nourish your hair in it daily cleaning and care, with KeraColor's specialist range of conditioners. In making a conditioning cleanser that replaces your shampoo, this range of products ensures your hair retains its essential oils and coloured vibrancy while washing away dirt and grime. Its unique Krystal Water Complex™ formula neutralises chlorine and trace minerals lurking in tap water in their tracks. It presents oxidisation and helps the colour stay fabulous.

Find your unique look and style with this incredible range of colouring, aftercare, and styling products. Introduce them into your haircare routine for long-lasting results and hair that's almost too good to be true! Create colourful hair with KeraColor, where colour care is kind.

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