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Thicker, fuller hair - many haircare solutions can claim to have the magic solution, but few can back up their assertions with the tried and tested technology of Toppik products. It was all the way back in 1982 that Toppik founder Mark Kress surveyed the marketplace and noticed that there was no luxury product for cosmetically improving thinning hair for men and women. Since then, he has been behind the development of fibre building formulas that augment existing looks to give superior scalp coverage.

How does Toppik work? Well to give a one-word answer - instantly. Its hair building fibres are made from natural keratin, the same substance which hair is comprised of. This means you are adding to your existing hair with the same kind of protein. Because Toppik fibres possess a natural static charge, there is a magnetic effect that binds Toppik to existing strands.

The result of Toppik haircare technology? Changed lives, and there has never been a better time to try the product for yourself. As an official stockist of Toppik, there is a wide range of products to choose from and enjoy free delivery in Australia.
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