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Schwarzkopf Professional

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Unlock the Secret to Better Hair Days With Schwarzkopf Professional

Believe it or not, Schwarzkopf’s roots can be traced all the way back in 1898 when Hans Schwarzkopf, a qualified chemist based in Berlin, opened up a tiny drugstore that featured a popular perfume selection. It was his dissatisfaction with expensive oils and harsh soaps that led him to concoct his very first “powder shampoo,” which dissolves in water and then became an instant hit in the market in 1903. It was then in 1927 when the first ever Schwarzkopf Institute for Hair Hygiene after the clamor and increasingly high demand for his products and services.

Over a hundred years since then, Schwarzkopf has evolved into one of the leading pioneer brands in the name of professional hair care and treatment. The brand stands behind innovation, quality, reliability, trust, and confidence, which became the foundation of all Schwarzkopf products they release in the market. On top of their range of well revered products by professionals and laymen alike, they also provide expert education to hairdressers around the globe regarding trends, techniques, the latest treatments, and other relevant hair education.

Among their most popular bestsellers include the Schwarzkopf shampoo, Schwarzkopf hair color line including the IGORA Expert Mousse, and Schwarzkopf hair spray and mousse. These are not only used by professional hairdressers and colorists, but as well as those in the household who are after premium and highly effective hair color and treatment products for which Schwarzkopf is very much known for.

It’s really no surprise how the name Schwarzkopf has long been synonymous with effective and premium hair care, color, and treatment with how they stuck by their vision and objective right from its inception over a hundred years ago.

Today, the brand continues to employ the latest technology and innovation as they come up with more notable products that cater to beautifying women and men sans the harsh chemicals and ingredients.

The Schwarzkopf brand, as part of the Henkel Group, prioritizes its ethical and environmental responsibilities as part of an effective programme for environmental protection and social responsibilities both at a global and local level. With topnotch innovation and goodwill towards the environment and the society, there surely is more to see and expect with Schwarzkopf and every product they release in the future.

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