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Healthy skin is one of the most important aspects of someone's appearance, which is why so much research has gone into ensuring that healthy skin is achievable for anyone. Significant amounts of this research have gone into the wide variety of options that are offered by The Beauty Chef, who believe that beauty begins in the belly and seek to ensure that everyone can have the happy and healthy skin you deserve.

The Beauty Chef was founded in 2009 after the founder (Carla Oates) discovered that glowing skin begins with a healthy gut. By ensuring that your gut is well balanced with the bacteria it needs, all of the bad toxins and pathogens can be eliminated - leaving you with a wonderfully healthy glow. This was the start of the journey that led to The Beauty Chef's first product, an Inner Beauty powder named GLOW.

From the company's launch with GLOW, The Beauty Chef has expanded beyond a focus on Inner Beauty, now looking further into Outer Beauty with products such as probiotic skin refiners, designed to tighten, brighten and strengthen skin of all types. Using Outer Beauty products in combination with collagen boosts and Inner Beauty products such as GLOW can ensure that your skin is doing all it can to look at its best, both inside and outside. Beauty may begin in the belly, but it ends on the surface. It's best to protect it all the way.

If you want to make sure that your skin is both healthy and looking good, The Beauty Chef's products can ensure that you have a healthy and bacteria-diverse stomach to support the skin you need, and protect your renewed skin once you've become beautiful on the inside.

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