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SILKE London is a British haircare brand that was launched in 2016 with only one transformative product – the SILKE Hair Wrap. SILKE London’s founder, Maria Sotiriou, had over 32 years of experience as a London hairstylist, yet could not uncover a way to tame her difficult-to-manage hair. Inspired by her Caribbean heritage, Maria discovered wrapping her hair in 100% silk produced incredible results – no breakages, no split ends, and no bed head.

Later joined by her daughter Christine, this mother-daughter duo, inspired by their Caribbean heritage, dedicated years to the development of a gorgeously designed sophisticated SILKE London Hair Wrap, made of the finest 100% mulberry silk, with its perfect fit, elasticity, style, colours, and weight for all women of all hair types – those who are proficient in hair wrapping as well as complete beginners.

The SILKE Hair Wrap cocoons hair which gets rid of any friction against the pillow, and prevents the bed linen from moisture absorption that leads to hair breakage, split ends, and frizzy hair. While you sleep, the SILKE Hair Wrap is working away, conditioning every hair strand to promote hair growth and thickness.

As an official stockist of Silke London products, we're proud to be able to offer the full range and free delivery in Australia.
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