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Established in Australia in 1978 by beauty therapist Lydia Jourdane, Lycon is a global leader when it comes to hair removal waxing products. The brand is now very much sought-after in Australia, as well as throughout the rest of the world.

Lycon’s product range includes everything you need to achieve fantastic results, from traditional hot waxes to face waxing kits and carefully formulated waxing strips. Whether you need individual supplies or want to get started with a professional waxing kit and heater, Lycon cosmetics are trusted in top salons around the world.

There’s a Lycon wax product to suit everyone’s hair removal needs. We love their variety of wax strips, bursting with enticing fragrances and with a range of different formulas available for different areas of the body. The Aloe Vera range is ideal for sensitive skin types, and Lycon even provides remedies for in-grown hairs.

Lycon cosmetics cover every aspect of your wax, from scrubs and pre-waxing oils to prepare your skin for best results to formulas that nourish and care for skin post-treatment. RY is proud to be an official stockist of Lycon products in Australia so browse our range to find everything you need to feel smooth and confident.

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