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Modelrock Lashes

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Take any eye look to the next level with the great range of lashes from ModelRock Lashes. Loved by make up artists around the world, ModelRock lashes make your eye lashes appear longer, thicker and more voluminous while still looking natural. They're also super easy to apply so don't be scared off if you're a rookie! From "Push Ups" that give an instant push up bra effect to your eyes, "Allure" that are the perfect, natural looking lashes for your wedding day, or "Angel Tips" to add something special to your bottom lashes, ModelRock has something to suit you and any eye look you want to create.

ModelRock lashes are 100% hand made and contain 100% human hair

Make faux lashes part of your everyday routine with easy to apply, natural looking lashes from ModelRock

Get your hands on them today!

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