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Alterna is all about effective, results-driven products that work wonders for all hair types and provide a luxury experience. Founded in 1997, Alterna haircare remains committed to merging high-quality, professional formulations with a gentle approach, eschewing harsh ingredients.

Alterna has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries in haircare and, after noticing a gap in the market between luxury and performance, they became a trailblazer for combining natural ingredients with clinically proven results. Alterna haircare’s Caviar Collection is renowned worldwide. The company’s Enzymetherapy and Age Control Complex® uses black sturgeon caviar and anti-ageing formulas to enhance indulgent and sensual experiences.

All Alterna hair care products are free from additives and harsh chemicals, as they believe that reinvigoration of your hair should come with no detriment. And if it couldn’t get any better, its pioneering approach has meant that Alterna is one of the first haircare brands to provide active botanical formulas that are free from parabens, synthetic colours, and sulphates – and they’re eco-certified and cruelty-free!

As Alterna-tive haircare professionals, the brand is now officially stocked at RY in Australia to provide for consumers on a global scale rather than in salon-based environments so discover the full range today.

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