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Natural. That is the essence of THE FACE SHOP. Founded in 2003, THE FACE SHOP is Korea’s most commercially successful skincare brand, with 3,000 stores in 35 countries. THE FACE SHOP believes that everyone beholds natural beauty, and endeavours to help you achieve your skincare aims with valuable prices and a variety of products suitable for all.

If this wasn’t enough, THE FACE SHOP skincare is committed to 100% authentic products, which are animal and cruelty-free and include recyclable packaging. With an abundance of nature at its core, THE FACE SHOP is continuously developing new methods to ensure that its natural ingredients are maximised. Root Therapy Complex™ and Root Drop™ patented technology are used to maximise nutrient input for the skin and efficiency.

All skincare products are dermatologically-tested to ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee results. THE FACE SHOP skincare is dedicated to sourcing over 600 natural ingredients from around the world to create a ‘cornucopia’ of land-based products. THE FACE SHOP sheet masks, a best-seller with us as an official stockist, include a diverse range with multiple natural ingredients, including tea-tree, calendula, and pomegranate. No technology. No additives. Just natural simplicity.
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