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Make Every Day a ‘Good Hair Day’

Ghd, which aptly stands for Good Hair Day, was established back in 2001 by three UK-based lads, Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls. With over 15 years of experience in the business, ghd has now become one of the most reputable manufacturers of hair tools, so much so that the brand itself has become synonymous with high quality products, elegance, and of course, gorgeous hair. Ghd hair straighteners are some of the most coveted on the market, and are well-trusted by celebrities and haircare professionals all over the world. 

Ghd’s success has skyrocketed since 2001, especially following the launch of the ghd V Gold Series Styler, created in three sizes to suit various hair types and styling concerns. Come 2012, ghd unveiled what is now its most in-demand hair dryer, the ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer. Now, the brand is constantly innovating new electrical hair tools, from straighteners and curling irons to dryers and hot air brushes. The most recent release, the ghd Platinum Styler, has received wide praise from bloggers, professionals and customers alike for its exciting design and new functions, including tri-zone technology, optimum heat delivery and hibernation mode. 

In the fashion and beauty industry, ghd is also highly regarded for being the first hair tool sponsor for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and has also partnered with the brand for a multi-year sponsorship deal. Ghd has also been seen and prominently featured on Australia’s Next Top Model, making ghd Australia one of the brand’s most lucrative international markets to date. 

Ghd is also known for various partnerships with famous celebrities, starting with Katy Perry, who was named the face of ghd in 2011. After Perry’s involvement, ghd continued on to attract several endorsements with other known personalities, including Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, among many others.

So what makes ghd the best there is when it comes to hair styling and haircare tools? Simple. They’re all about committing to excellence and innovation, leading the pack when it comes to advanced technologies. This coupled with sleek designs that attract beauty and fashion aficionados alike, ghd has established themselves as a trendsetter in the industry. With a dedicated team of experienced stylists backing up the brand’s tools, ghd have also made a name for themselves when it comes to creating stunning styles on runways, magazine covers and more. 

One of ghd’s best-sellers is the very in-demand ghd Platinum Black Styler. This sleek and minimalist-looking hair straightener cuts so much time out of your daily preparation thanks to tri-zone technology, providing you with easy one-stroke styling. It works wonderfully with all hair types, leaving it shiny and smooth, whether you use it to straighten hair or create voluminous curls. Plus, ghd aren’t just leaders when it comes to heated tools, either--they’re also at the forefront of other styling products, including the highly-praised Straight & Smooth Spray and Curl & Hold Spray. 

Ghd incorporates intelligent technology into all of their tools, making any ghd products well worth the investment. There’s no room for bad hair days if you have an arsenal of high-quality ghd tools on your side. Still not convinced? Better believe all the professionals and world-famous personalities that trust this brand--not to mention millions of women who only trust ghd when it comes to caring for and styling their hair.

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