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Professional Skin Care

Give your skin the love it deserves, shop our professional skincare range and select a mask that will suit you. Face masks have come back into style lately, with 'multi-masking' being THE trend of 2015 (multi-masking refers to using different masks on different areas of your face to receive multiple skin benefits). Masks are back, and better than ever with everyone and their mum bringing one out. But what's so good about face masks anyway? The benefits of face masks are aplenty! Firstly, so many skincare problems can be addressed just by one little mask. With a face mask you can cleanse, clarify, moisturise, firm & detoxify at the same time - talk about a value for money. Secondly, you can apply your mask all over your face, definitely, but you can also use it just on your problem areas (e.g. t-zone, chin, forehead etc) putting you in complete control of your skincare. It may seem a little time consuming to apply a face mask, but really all you need is a quarter of an hour of your day. No need to worry about applying different products in the right order, just slather on your face mask and sit back and watch it do it's thing. So relaxing, and you know you deserve it.

Face masks refine skin pores by deeply cleansing oils, sebum and other nasties. They increase skin hydration, diminish fine lines, even out skin tone, and make your skin more firm and more plump then ever.

Shop our great range of masks to completely customise your skin care today!

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