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Founded by expert South Korean scientists and researchers, MIZON skincare was created to bring unique, effective, and high-quality skincare to everyone at an affordable price. Part of one of the most reputable South Korean beauty companies, MIZON skincare has certainly succeeded in creating outstanding skincare products that are both unique in their formulation and wallet-friendly.

MIZON is renowned for using nourishing active ingredients. Perhaps their most distinctive range of skincare products is the 'snail repair line'. Products (such as snail repair toner, cream and eye cream), have been formulated with 92% snail extract, a unique ingredient in the skincare world. These products have been raved about worldwide for their moisturising effects. Moreover, they also aid in the production of collagen, which aids in skin healing and regeneration.

What makes MIZON skincare so special is that they have created products for every kind of skin type. If you want firm skin and wrinkle care, why not try MIZON's Collagen Power Lifting Cream? If you want to cool, lift and firm your eye area, you should try MIZON's Snail Repair Intensive Golden Eye Gel Patches, which work like a second skin to improve the skin around your eye.

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